Keep your mower safe this winter! Draining your mowers fuel tank is NOT a good idea!

This time of year you are normally not thinking about the condition of your lawn mower but you still want it to start and perform well when spring comes. Some manufactures recommend you drain the fuel from the lawn mowers fuel tanks.

This may sound like a good idea but in reality its very poor for your engine and it could leave you with damaged parts come spring.

Draining your tank will result in damaged seals, pipes and mainly the carburetor. This is due to air being introduced where normally there is not. have you ever filled up a empty tank which has been stored for some time only to find out its leaking either in the carburetor or the or the air filter housing? If yes then this is down to seals becoming brittle or block by gum, the gum comes from when oxygen attacks the small fuel droplets which are left behind after draining causing gum and varnish. The gum will block valve seals and jets causing very poor running!

We recommend you using a fuel stabilizer such as Briggs & Stratton FuelFit

Here’s how to do it correctly:

Step 1: One month before the end of the season, start putting fuel stabilizer in every gas can. This is an easy way to provide some basic protection for your engine, even if you forget the next three steps.

Step 2: Buy and stabilize fresh fuel for maximum protection. Adding fuel stabilizer to old fuel will stop it from degrading further, but the fuel may already have broken down.

Step 3: Fill your tank 95% full with fresh, stabilized fuel. Leaving a little room prevents the fuel from expanding and spilling in warmer weather, and reduces the risk of water vapor that can condense and contaminate fuel.

Step 4: Run the engine for a couple of minutes. This gets the stabilized fuel into the carburetor and fuel lines.

That’s it!

Call in today for your FuelFit or if you're still unsure we can perform a winter service on your lawn mower giving you piece of mind your mower is raring to go come spring!

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