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robotic mower is an exciting addition to your family and we understand the large investment you are making, that is why we recommend a professional installation by a qualified installer.

Once you have purchased your robotic mower we will discuss the final location of the charging station and that it has adequate power supply ( 230V 13amp either a exterior water proof socket or a interior power supply ) once this is covered we then can arrange a date for the main installation.

We will plan a day that is convenient for you and a day that is forecasted to be rain free. All you will need to do is to provide us excess and then relax and let us do the hard work. once we have correctly installed the guide wires we will install the charging station. Then the time has come for you to meet your new family member, but before we can introduce you we will go through the process of calibration and a 20 min test run to discover any ares of the installation that may need a attention. Once this is done will then show you the start up process showing you all the features available plus connecting the control station to you smart phone so you can be in control any time and any where. 

Once you are completely satisfied with the installation we will then talk you through any maintenance schedule and all the services and aftercare we supply.

We will then leave you and let you get to know you robotic mower better. But don't worry we will be available for any questions or help you may need at any time during the day time Monday - Friday at no extra cost either by email or by an emergency mobile phone number that we will give you at the time of the installation.