The new STIGA e-Park 220 is the first Lithium-Ion battery-powered front mower, featuring all the benefits of battery-powered pedestrian lawnmower - on a rider!

Powered by a 48V digital electric motor with a high quality Lithium-Ion battery (4.3kW 90Ah), the e-Park 220 demonstrates the most advanced battery technology to date delivering uncompromised performance. This model is ideally suited for larger residential gardens or for commercial / industrial use. The minimal noise emissions, comfortable driving position and superb working time (2000m²) from one battery charge make this mower a real pleasure to use.

The e-Park is designed to give one hours continuous cutting time in Standard Mode and one hour thirty minutes of cutting time in Eco Mode, dependent on conditions

A digitally controlled 1.7kW brushless motor electronically drives the wheels, allowing a smooth drive in all conditions with a speed up to 9km/h. Cruise control is provided for long working sessions with minimal effort.

The dual-blade mulching deck is powered by an electric 5kW brushless motor, so that the blades are activated and adjusted electronically to the most appropriate cutting height. The high resolution colour 7" LCD TRF digital display provides information about the central parameters and main functional settings; the mower speed, the cutting height, the energy reserve and if the blades or cruise control are activated.

Thanks to the genuine STIGA Park articulated steering, the e-Park can move tightly around obstacles and through narrow spaces. Simply plug into the mains and the e-Park is always ready to use, with easy charging in just a few hours. This very versatile machine can clean pavements and remove snow from paths with the various accessories and attachments available in the Park range.

STIGA e-Park 220 Battery-Powered 95cm EL Combi QF Cutting Deck

£8,799.00 Regular Price
£8,499.00Sale Price
  • Power

    • Motor Type48V Digital Electric Motor
    • Battery Capacity90Ah
    • Net Power Output4.3kW
    • Battery Charging Time2hrs 30mins
    • Electric Cable Length5 meters



    • Drive2WD
    • TransmissionPedal Operated
    • Max Speed9km/h
    • WheelsFront 15" Rear 15"
    • Articulated SteeringYes
    • Power Assisted SteeringNo
    • Steering LinkChain/Wire
    • Steering BallAdjustable with Spinner



    • Deck LiftManual
    • Deck Size95cm
    • Blade Speed3000rpm (+/-100)
    • Blade MotorElectric (5kW)
    • Height of Cut25-80mm
    • Electric Cutting Height AdjustmentYes
    • Cruise ControlYes
    • Hour Metre, Lights, Adjustable Steering WheelYes
    • dB
    • Overall Length / Width168 x 76cm without deck
    • Weight 275kg
    • Warranty3 Years
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