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Here at SGP Garden Machinery we specialize in quality installations of robotic mowers at a competitive price with FREE on site survey.

Robot mowers are the best choice when it comes to getting your lawn looking the best it possible can, while giving you chance to enjoy your free time. 



With our extensive range of Husqvarna robot mower and accessories your are sure to find the perfect match for you and your lawn.

Your lawn will never look so good!

Husqvarna are the world leaders in robot mowers! 

The world is running at a faster pace than it ever has making it harder to take a step back and relax at your homes you are so very proud of with out chores. Here at Garden Mowbotics we can give you back time and still have a beautiful lawn with minimal effort. 

On this page we are going to explain how a robot mower can give you back time.

A robotic mower is more than just a lawn mower, its a concept of a lawn conditioner that works for you day or night or even both working towards and keeping your lawn healthy and looking the best it possibly can be by gently cutting your grass daily allowing only the tip of the plant to be cut which is then recycled into fertilizer giving the nutrient your grass needs to flourish into a beautiful green lawn. A robot mower will cut at any time you desire day or night allowing your lawn to turn into a perfect carpet of grass with all the grass blades the same height. Please watch our selections of videos below which will further explain a robot mower concept